Dubbed the queen of short shorts as part of sexy girl group Girly Berry, Wanida “Gybzy” Thermtanaporn, 30, is back in the news again after winning the Best Supporting Actress Award from Bangkok Critics Assembly and for her new hit single “Ya Mano” with Baitoey RSiam. She opens up to BK about dealing with attention and responding to online criticism. 

Everyone should stand on their own feet as fast as possible. I’ve had this idea since I was 14. I don’t know what made me think like that. I just don’t believe we should rely on others, even our parents.
No one can take care of you as well as you can. You must live with yourself for the duration of your life, so be steadfast. The more you can rely on yourself, the better life gets.
I never thought I would become a singer. I just wanted to do anything that would make me money.
Life isn’t a bed of roses. I auditioned for commercials and did screen tests over and over again for a year but nothing came of it. I was so discouraged. I later had a chance to be in a music video for [record label] RS who later recruited me as part of Girly Berry. 
I didn’t expect to be a sex symbol. I actually debuted as a cute girl, a kind of Japanese Harajuku girl, in my first album with Girly Berry 10 years ago. After it flopped, RS decided to change our image and put shorts on us—and bang! People really loved it. Now we can’t wear anything long anymore. It’s not the Girly Berry style.
I knew they were really short. But I didn’t expect that wearing shorts would be such a big deal. 
An artist must have a unique character. You can’t sell only your talent. I was a singer with no talent or skill at all. But all I’ve done is practice. In the end, I realized I’ll never be the best singer or dancer. My strong point is just being myself. 
Fame gets you special treatment, both good and bad. People might offer you free stuff, but there will also be those with prejudices.
I’m not a slut, like in my MVs. Who can be sexy 24/7? I just dress my best for work, but at other times I’m just being myself dressing casually, wearing shorts.

You can’t judge me dressing sexily as bad or wrong. All you can do is like or dislike it. If you don’t like the MV for “Ya Mano” [Don’t Cha, feat. Baitoey RSiam], just don’t watch it. Don’t waste your time criticizing us. That’s crazy.
Don’t let those who judge you destroy you. I don’t care about my critics as they have never given me money or supported me anyway. 
I don’t get this idea that celebrities must be well-behaved or act better to others. People think we shouldn’t do what normal people do, like go to parties. The media is quick to criticize when they see pictures of me partying with my friends. What’s wrong with that? I’m a normal girl too! 
I don’t let myself get carried away with the entertainment industry. I know my limits. I always warn myself that things won’t be like this forever. I’m afraid I might not be able to handle it when it’s all gone, but I always remind myself that it will end. 
I hate competing. I’m so tired of fame-chasers trying to get in the spotlight and be number one in this industry. I’m not a part of that. 
People say I’m nothing but a sexy look. It’s not true! I can do any work that comes to me, especially acting. I just got awarded the Best Supporting Actress Award 2014 from the Bangkok Critics Assembly for my role in Krien Fiction. I want to use this award to slap those who say that. 
I love Instagram. Social media brings me close to my fans. They can message to talk or tag me when there is news. But there are those who slam me by using hashtags like #slut, #porn and tag me in photos. I slam them back in the comments, too. 
I’m not easy. People might assume I am because of my looks. There is no old rich guy courting me, as I’ll just block them. I will only talk to those I’m interested in. I won’t waste anyone’s time. I’m not that kind of girl.
A bachelor’s degree is nothing to me. I finished all my courses in political science at Ramkhamhaeng University, but I never received the degree. I just never felt like I needed it, so I’ve never been back to get it. It has been six years now.
I love to go Chatuchak. I love the heat there. It’s so lively. My favorite spots are the decor shops selling cute antiques. They’re an inspiration. My place is full of this stuff. One more piece and it will be totally cluttered.
I love to act like a housewife. I like cooking, flower arranging and house decorating. But I have no man now. It’s pretty lonely. 
I love supermarkets. I’m not a fashionista so I don’t like to go shopping for clothes or brand names like other girls. It’s so thrilling to browse for fresh produce at the supermarket. I love to make noodles because I’m good at making soup. It’s my favorite choice to cook for friends.
I wish I could become a chef and open a tea shop or a restaurant that’s really niche, with only 10 seats. Anyway, it’s just a daydream. I knew it would never work.
Balancing your life is the most important thing. You can’t work hard and not pay attention to your family, friends or lover. If you find a way to balance these relationships, you will lead a quality life.