Yesterday afternoon, Narong Songarom, director of the Office of National Buddhism, officially announced that producing or selling sweets that resemble Buddhist amulets is inappropriate, according to Channel 3 Thailand News.
Independent Thai dessert shop Madam Choops, as you may recall, went viral on Facebook on Tuesday when it posted pictures of its colorful, homemade sweets resembling Buddhist amulets. It sparked a debate online regarding the appropriateness of such desserts, as the shop had fielded an increasing number of orders from new, curious customers.
Songarom further explained that Buddhist amulets are considered sacred and should be held in high regard. “I have no idea how or where they got this idea from,” says Songarom. 
As always, netizens weighed in with their opinions. Spoiler: not all agreed with Songarom. Some considered his involvement another manifestation of the generational divide that has riven the country politically over the past year.
“Whats so boring is that the officials who are in charge of every governmental organization are baby boomers. So if we [the younger generation] do anything new, they just think its ridiculous. What a shame,” wrote Facebook user Attavit Panyapinyophol.
“The economy is already abysmal. I dont think well ever be a developed nation when you just shut down someone whos trying to do something new to make a living,” added Facebook user Chris Jonathan Roy Chaafe.
“I think [The Office] should focus on other important things, like fake monks who are the real parasites to Buddhism,” wrote Facebook user Nattapong Ngamsanga.
Although the shop is no longer making its amulet-shaped treats, the debate continues.