Raised up by a devastating critique of another chef’s egg fried rice to internet fame, Malaysian-born standup comedian Nigel Ng announced last night that he’s coming to Bangkok next year.
Better known as Uncle Roger, the cranky Chinese caricature he assumes on his YouTube Channel of the same name, Ng announced Bangkok among a slew of dates for next year’s Haiyaa World Tour.
The 30-year-old comedian, who lives in London, became a viral sensation last year after he uploaded his fierce take on a BBC presenter’s kitchen misadventures. He’s notable for his trademark exclamation “Haiyaa” and thick Cantonese accent. His jokes involve confident crosscultural comedy, with those witty gags about Asian vs. British attitudes toward food allergies.
He lost a slew of fans earlier this year when he capitulated to pro-Beijing stans and deleted a video featuring a prominent critic of China.
Ng’s tour will also take him to Singapore, his hometown of Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.
His Haiyaa World Tour will hit Bangkok on Jun 19. No venue was announced. To grab a seat for his mala-spice comedy, sign up for information about tickets.
The article originally appeared in Coconuts Bangkok