Seriously? Again? It would appear that media outlets (including BK Magazine) were jumping the gun when they took a government spokesperson’s word that one of the world’s biggest EDM festivals was coming to Thailand. 
The more recent claims, after the Prime Minister’s statement in December, included government spokesman Chai Wacharonke, but an interview with the organizer with revealed that things are not that simple. 
"In December the Tomorrowland team had the privilege of engaging in discussions with various parties and exploring potential locations for a Tomorrowland festival in Thailand," Tomorrowland spokesperson Debby Wilmsen told "Deeply touched by the warm support, we must clarify the recent speculation: nothing has been officially confirmed or signed at this time. The Tomorowland (sic) team is diligently conducting thorough research and exploration to assess the feasibility of hosting Tomorrowland in Thailand. There is still much to be investigated."
This is not the first time the Tomorrowland tease has gotten Bangkok EDM fans all hot and bothered for no reason.

In 2016, the same hullabaloo was caused by a Post Today claim, only to be walked back. The 2016 claim, though, was entirely rebuffed after seven months, whereas the organizers this time seem to be still in the planning phase according to recent statements. 

The original story purported Belgium’s Tomorrowland, the biggest EDM festival in the world, would be held in Thailand starting in 2026 and that it could be a facet in Thailand for a decade, according to the government spokesperson. Tomorrowland events in recent years have been known to sell as many as 400,000-600,000 tickets—often selling out in just one day.

The 20th anniversary event for the mega festival in Belgium, expecting 400,000 people, will take place in Boom between Antwerp and Brussels on Jul 19-21 and Jul 26-28.
At this point, if Tomorrowland were to officially announce their entry into Thailand, they may have a bit of a believability problem. BK’s advice is not to do it on Monday, April 1.