Were you one of the unlucky ones who had a ticket but no seat?

On Apr 7, some 60,000 people took to the grounds of Rajamangala Stadium to rock out to hits like "Hymn for the Weekend" and "Yellow" at Coldplay's first concert in Bangkok in 13 years.

Shortly after, news broke on Facebook and Pantip reporting that Thaiticketmajor had sold tickets for fake seats and fake zones for those with sitting tickets priced B1,800-6,500. Now, there's a petition online asking for the attention of Thaiticketmajor and BEC-Tero Entertainment to take responsibility.

The petition, started by Visansaya Loisawai, calls for attention to the following issues:

Fake seats were sold: people found that the zones stated on their ticket did not exists, the seat number did not exist or the row did not exist. When people complained, staff simply stated that the stadium changed their floorplan without informing them, though this is unlikely. 

Seats were double booked: those left stranded without a seat were randomly told to "sit anywhere," meaning people with actual tickets for those seats lost their seats. Certain people also had tickets for the same seat as someone else, leaving many forced to stand in the space behind the top row seat and the toilets.

As well as this, people who complained to Thaiticketmajor's customer service telephone line in the following days were told that their money cold only be refunded on the day of the event.

So far, the petition has received 533 signatures out of the targeted 1,000. Those interested in signing can do so here.