First the monitor lizards, now the cats.

Lumphini Park has banished all its stray cats, according to several online reports over the weekend. 

The Photographer love cat Facebook page says officials from the Department of Livestock Development rounded up 30 cats and sterilized them on Aug 19-20, before moving them to their office in Don Mueang. 

According to another website,, the cats will not be returned back to Lumphini Park and will all be put up for adoption.

The clean-up is said to be in line with park’s policy of not allowing animals within its boundaries, but it's been met with a social media backlash. 

Many online commentators refute park officials' alleged claims that by remaining at Lumphini Park the cats were at risk of being underfed and even of snake bites. 

Another Facebook page, Cat Lumpini, continues to post updates on the situation, today reporting that several volunteers have driven up to the department's office to adopt the cats temporarily while the search goes on for their forever home.

This is another example of animal control at Lumphini Park following last September’s widely reported monitor lizards clean-up.