After months of rumors, it's now official: banking is coming to 7-Eleven. 

As reported by Khaosod English, Government Savings Bank will be the first to offer basic banking transactions at 13,000 Seh-wen nationwide, starting from Oct 31.

Under the pilot banking program, Government Savings Bank customers will be able to deposit and withdraw funds at 7-Eleven's counter service, with a charge of B15 per transaction.

There's no minimum transaction, with deposits of up to B30,000 available 24/7, and withdrawals of up to B5,000/transaction or B20,000/day limited to 8am-10pm.

As yet, there's no confirmation of other banks hopping on the 7-Eleven bandwagon, but the announcement comes at a time when many traditional banks are known to be scaling back on branches.