Over the past year, Headache Stencil’s increasingly contentious works have piqued international interest, gaining him the title of “Thailand’s Banksy” in news outlets like The Guardian (UK) and SCMP (Hong Kong).

The street artist’s incendiary subject matters have moved from the “Prawit watch” scandal and the black panther poaching case onto wider issues including the recent election, Thailand’s drug trade and the sex trafficking industry.

The latter of these topics culminate in his “Sex , Drugs & Headache Stencil” exhibition, which is currently being held at Candle Light Studio (above Barbar Fetish Club, Pat Pong Soi 2) in the heart of Pat Pong’s red-light district—ironic, yes, but a choice partially guided by more mainstream galleries’ reluctance to exhibit his radioactive work.

Authorities’ hasty attempts to remove his street art have done nothing to quell their traction on social media, where images of his work have gained millions of shares, though according to the artist, his notoriety is proving increasingly dangerous.

On his recently launched GoFundMe page, he refers to himself as “Thailand’s most wanted street artist,” describing Thailand as a de facto dictatorship governed by fear. He invites supporters to donate to keep his “brand of militant revolutionary street art” alive in the name of a more democratic Thailand.

You can keep track of Headache Stencil’s latest antics on his Facebook and Instagram pages.