1. Pork krapao

Family Mart: Broken, mushy rice with a slimy salty stir-fry of fatty pork meat. This really coudn’t have gone any worse. (B30)

7-Eleven: A microwaveable knockout! Top marks to 7-Eleven for the full-grained rice and sneaky kaffir lime leaves. (B30) (BK PICK!)

Verdict: A clear winner here

2. Smoked sausage

Family Mart: Darker in color and denser in texture, but the taste is almost exactly the same. (B13)

7-Eleven: The expected taste of normal cheap sausage, with the bouncy quality and overly smooth texture reflecting the high fat volume. (B10)

Verdict: There’s no separating these sausages (TIE!)

3. Shrimp Shumai

Family Mart: From the pale dough sheets to the too-perfectly-blended mushy and starchy filling, this dumpling seriously fails to deliver. (B21)

7-Eleven: Made popular by last year’s blockbuster movie Freelance, 7-Eleven’s shrimp shumai is a safe bet. You can even see some traces of shrimp in the coarse filling. (B21) (BK PICK!)

Verdict: Freelancers know best

4. Ham cheese croissant

Family Mart: The croissant is a bit denser, the ham a bit thicker and the melted cheese no less artificial. (B27)

7-Eleven: As delicious sober as it is at 3am in the morning. This thing is as tasty as it’s possible for B30 food to be. (B27)

Verdict: Our palates are tied. it’s little wonder this is such a late-night guilty pleasure. (TIE!)

5. Salapao moo daeng

Family Mart: The Coca logo on the package doesn’t stop this from being one sad, dry bun that all but swallows up the small dollop of bright red, overly sweet paste.  (B18)

7-Eleven: The big bao comes packed with a filling that’s not quite the shocking red we expected. We don’t know what those coarse bits are in the moist brown pork mixture, but we like them. (B27)  (BK PICK!)

Verdict: 7-Eleven has come a long way

6. Onsen egg

Family Mart: Betagro clearly has the goods—brighter and richer yolk, with just the right level of doneness. (B18 for 2 eggs) (BK PICK!)

7-Eleven: The slightly plastic-y smell to the yolk of this CP egg is a bit scary, but smother it in the accompanying Japanese sauce and seaweed bits and you’ll never notice. (B12)

Verdict: Health first

7. Onigiri

Family Mart: Made by Prantalay, this rice ball is thinner with a good balance of rice and filling. Though there’s no mayo in the roe, the vinegar-seasoned rice gives it an overall satisfying flavor. (B25)  (BK PICK!)

7-Eleven: The thick rice ball doesn’t contain anywhere near enough roe, which comes so slathered in mayo that it’s nothing but sweet. The unseasoned rice is dry and the seaweed quickly becomes chewy. (B27)

Verdict: Prantalay all the way


Overall Verdict:

There can be only one winner, and that’s 7-Eleven, whose consistency makes it the  go-to convenience store for pre-payday bites.

Note: All items are reheated as suggested on the packages.