Siwilai, the multifaceted creative group responsible for sprouting some of Bangkok’s most recognizable hangs, is launching the all-day Siwilai Radical Club in Thonglor.

Siwilai Radical Club’s tangerine exterior is hard to miss—and it’s garnered a few curious glances from Thonglor pedestrians. 

The orange facade peels back into a spacious restaurant and cozy dining area, the Dining Room. The kitchen opens at 8am, ready to serve some coffee and healthy breakies. A sure hit with the Thonglor early risers, visitors can check out their breakfast sandwiches and pastries as well as the quinoa bowls with seared salmon.

Come evening, the venue prepares a “New Age Thai'' dinner. The ingredients are sustainably sourced from all over the country. Highlights are the single bite salmon tartare with crispy fish skin, a generous plate of fried chicken wings with red curry, and the miang kham-style tomahawk pork chops served with betel leaf and chili paste.

But it’s not just the Dining Room, this spot oozes 70’s-style disco vibes. Wednesdays to Saturdays, the Discotheque club features a wild dance floor with a cutting-edge sound system engineered by Norwegian sound studio NNNN and NYC-based Ojas. Hop on the checkerboard dance floor under a looming disco ball and turn the Dining Room into the Discoteque. 

Working with Bali-based Space Available Studio, Indonesian architecture atelier Sidarta and Sandjaja, and MORE (a program that transforms waste into valuable and eco-friendly resources), Siwilai was able to construct their orange exterior from over five tons of compressed industrial waste, and cover the 500 square meters interiors in recycled plastic.

Established in 2014, Siwilai group aims to usher a new era of urban Thai lifestyle with their cafes, selected stores, and social clubs.