Siam's newest attraction is not inside the malls, but between them. After a long two years and B300 million of renovations, the skywalk above the busy Pathumwan intersection reopened last week and doubles as Bangkok's latest art installation.  

The raised platform links many of Siam's top destinations, namely BACC, Siam Discovery, MBK and BTS National Stadium, with a design that references water lilies (Pathumwan means "lotus" in Thai).  

What's more, the lily pad-like structures which provide shade for passers-by have been covered in art by 13 renowned street artists: Yuree Kensaku, P7 (Peerapong Limthamrong), Jackkrit Anantakul, Rukkit Kuanhawate, Maythee Noijinda, TRK, Pruch Sintunava, Peap Tarr & Lisa Mam, Mauy, JECK BKK, Floyd and Channarong Klugiad.
The local businesses behind the project, led by Siam Synergy, hope the skywalk will become a destination in its own right, with the BACC in particular planning more art echibitions for the outdoor space. 
They're also giving the public the chance to name the new skywalk, with the winner claiming B100,000. See here for details. The deadline is Sep 4. 
Photo credit: Siam Discovery