Test your knowledge in our Bangkok current affairs quiz. 

1. Which of these is fake news: 

a    More than three-quarters of Bangkokians are in debt
b    Thailand has begun limiting visas for Chinese travelers
c    You can now do your banking at 7-Eleven
d    Pizza Company has rolled out a durian pizza

2. What is Thai Airways’ latest promotion to entice more flyers?

a    Advance in-flight screenings of Johnny English Strikes Again for Royal Orchid Plus members
b    Complimentary Murakami Flowers with every duty-free purchase
c    An exclusive menu devised by Auntie Fai of Jay Fai and Michelin crab omelet fame
d    Skid-free landings at Suvarnabhumi Airport

3. Which of the following is a real post on Gen. Prayuth’s newly launched “personal” Facebook page?

a    An impassioned vlog about why BNK48 is nothing like AKB48 
b    A Strava activity map of his jog around Lumphini Park
c    A reshare of Khai Maew’s debut exhibition announcement
d    A selfie with the Wild Boars soccer team upon their return from the U.S.

4. Which fashion-world incident deeply outraged Thai netizens?

a    Off-White’s new line of jackets inspired by win motocy style
b    Vetements delaying its latest T-shirt drop which co-opts the Thailand Post logo
c    Dsquared2’s shoes with straps in the colors of the Thai flag appearing in a Vogue Paris collection
d    No one can actually tell if you’re wearing the new Alexander Wang x Uniqlo underwear collaboration 

5. Why are giant inflatable pumpkins hanging from the ceiling of CentralWorld?

a    They’re a Ministry of Public Health initiative to celebrate the healthy bounty of Jay Fest
b    Trippy Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has contributed them to Bangkok Art Biennale
c    They’re actually spotty, slightly deflated apples to tease the long-rumored Apple Store
d    The mall is gearing up for its massive Halloween sale



1    The correct answer is (b) and, on the contrary, the government is looking at ways to speed up the visa process. Hopefully our durian pizzas can win back some Chinese hearts, too.
2    That would be (c). Given the queues over on Mahachai Road, a first-class flight could possibly be the quickest way to try that signature omelet, too.
3    The correct answer is (d). Exhibition matches in Argentina, couch time with Zlatan on The Ellen Degeneres Show, a group hug with Prayuth—what a week for the kids! 
4    The correct answer is (c). There were angry emojis, demands for legal action and even jail
time, until the National Flag Museum stepped in to fan the flames.
5    The correct answer is (b), proving the way to connect Bangkokians with art is to put it in a mall