Thailand is going to have the general election this May 14 following the four-year term of the current government. That means no alcohol sales and bars have to close from 6pm of the day prior to  6pm of election day.
However, May 14 is not the only voting day, as Thailand allows people to vote outside of their registered home address, and those registered online can cast their vote outside of their district, on May 7.
That means no alcohol sales from 6pm of May 6 until 6pm of May 7 and again from 6pm of May 13 to 6pm on May 14.
While not drinking two Saturdays in a row (boohoo), before you get frustrated, consider that it’s nothing compared to living under a military government for the past eight years. A chance to vote is no small thing under the circumstances.
Election day alcohol prohibition is not a rare idea; there are still several states in the US that still go dry for the polls. Alcohol and parties might be seen as bribery, hence the short prohibition.

According to statutes for the previous election in May 2022, those in violation of the regulation could face up to six-months of jail time or be fined B10,000 or both.
Correction notice: A previous version of this article erroneously stated that the election took place on May 17. This has been corrected.