The Hua Lamphong rail station was part of Bangkok life for a century and was returned to some of its former glory last Friday as “Unfolding Bangkok: Living Old Building” lit it up throughout the week. This weekend, music, dance, and lights will bring the space alive once again. 

Tonight (Mar 24), visitors can look forward to Duriyasith Srabua and Friends at 6pm, Suntharaphon Band at 7pm, and Southern Boys at 9pm. Tomorrow, starting at the same time, are Ronggeng Suan Kawee and E-san Fusion followed by the Stumbling Swingout and Jelly Roll Dance Club tearing up the former train station dance floor. 
The final day rounding out the Living Old Building at Hua Lamphong, will start at 4pm and feature Bangkok Random Dance, Dr.Pathorn and The Kitasewi BandSabad. Patrons can expect a special train showcase, model train exhibition, tours, special menus, and a pop-up cafe.
The Living Old Building series from Unfolding Bangkok has previously been at the Maen Si Waterworks and Master Sculpture Hall. The final iteration will also start this weekend at the former residence of Prince Sawasdiprawat running from Mar 25-Apr 2. 
The Hua Lamphong building was a neo-Renaissance-style building connecting two sides of Bangkok was, until recently, thronged with people from all over the country traveling the rails. The space is slated to become a museum. The airport-like Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal replaced Hua Lamphong in late December, 2022.