In a bid to ease traffic congestion caused by rapid urban growth and the lack of an efficient public transport system, the Pattaya City administration has just announced plans to build a nine-kilometer monorail in the popular beachside town.

The announcement was made on May 23 by the deputy mayor of Pattaya, Manote Nongyai, who noted that bad traffic has consistently plagued Pattaya’s economic development. As reported by the Bangkok Post, Manote stated that efficient system will be in high demand after the Covid-19 crisis eases, which will once again see tourists flocking to the city.

According to Manote, the Pattaya city administration has allocated a budget of B70 million for a feasibility study project. The proposed monorail project will be designed to link with the government's infrastructure development in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), an ambitious but still unclear plan that proposes to transform Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong into economic engines, easing some of the burden on Bangkok. A board of consultants has already been hired to study designs as well as the environmental impact of the project. 

Initially, three types of rail systems were considered—tram, monorail and underground rail—but it was determined that a monorail system would be the best (read: least expensive and intrusive) option. The monorail system will feature an elevated structure made of steel-reinforced concrete and cover a total of 11 stations, running from Pattaya railway station to Northern Pattaya Road, Pattaya Sai 2 Road and Thap Phraya intersection before terminating at Bali Hai Pier. According to Pongtawee, this is the main route for those who travel through Pattaya. 

The projected date of completion is yet to be announced.