One of the most trusted names in bus travel, Nakhonchai Air, has entered the taxi game.

After a good six months of fine-tuning, one of the country’s biggest bus companies, Nakornchai Air, has finally officially launched its new taxi application. All Thai Taxi is intended to remedy the various complaints from Thais and tourists about the city's taxi driver conduct, as well as compete with international app-based taxi platforms like Uber and Grab Taxi. 

The firm offers yellow American taxi-style Hybrid Toyota Prius cars equipped with GPS tracking and security cameras. The taxi-top LED screen also displays the car's travel speed for all to see. Currently, there are 300-400 cars available around Bangkok, with a promise of more to come.

After downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, you can log in using Facebook and add your credit card details for payment. The booking process is not complicated at all; pin your pick-up point and destination, and then the app will provide you with a number of taxis and their estimated arrival time. The app also boasts special functions that allow you to request a lady driver, track your trip and save your frequently-used routes (see above).

The drivers will be paid fixed salaries and commissions, which the firm believes will decentivize passenger selection.

Rates start at the standard B35 with an extra fixed charge of B20 when booking through the app, and all expenses are charged to your credit card. You can cancel trips up to five minutes before departure, otherwise you'll be hit with a B100 cancelation fee. Contact 1624 or visit for more information.  

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