If you’re worn out with beauty clinics upselling you treatments and products or trying to tell you what you need to do with your face or body in order to look “beautiful” based on their standards, check out the new aesthetic clinic, Solne.
Located on the third floor of Mahanakhon Cube, the second you walk in, you’ll get the sense of calm you get walking into a spa. It was designed to make the customers feel as at-ease as possible, you know, like right before they get needles injected into their faces.
The dermatologists offer custom services based on your needs and wants via a 45-minute consultation session (included in the treatment fees). Pico laser treatments start at B7,500 and Botox starts at B10,000 for 100 units.
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3/F, 96 Mahanakhon Cube, 02-077-8684. Open daily 11am-8pm