The ad sees a little boy sitting alone on a seesaw while his friends play football. His mother asks the boy why he's not playing with the others. The boy replies, "Because they said I'm the child of a cheater."

At this point, the mother's forehead is engraved with the words "Rich From Cheating." (The corrupt mother's personal style, physique, and pearl necklace are highly reminiscent of PM Yingluck Shinawatra's.) Then, all the mothers of the other little boys appear, pointing fingers at her and calling her a cheater. (The word "cheater" in Thai is widely used to describe those who participate in corruption.)

The video, which currently has 75,000 views, has about 1,000 thumbs up for 427 thumbs down. "What has the kid have to do with any of this?" one commenter said, reflecting the a common view that the ad was bordering on absurd.

Others lauded the ad, saying that it symbolically demonstrated that the social sanction for corruption will be passed on to one's children.

The ad ends with the slogan, "Don't let cheaters have any space in our society!" What do you think? Is it an effective ad to fight corruption?