The streaming service giant has made a move to prevent users from password-sharing for free when they aren’t in the same household, according to its recent post today (May 24). 
Its recent announcement reads, “Starting from today, we will begin sending this email to members in Thailand who share their Netflix account with people not in the same household: Netflix accounts are for use within the same household.”
Existing subscribers who don’t live in the same household will have to pay extra B90 to maintain their access. 
After the streaming giant lost a million subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, the Netflix mothership announced it would slowly start to put an end to account sharing amidst increasing competition from streaming rivals such as Disney, Hulu, and HBO. 
The crackdown on account sharing began in 2022 in Latin America before being rolled out to Canada, New Zealand, and others, and now the account reckoning has come for Thailand.