All the Thailand Marvel, Star Wars, and Duck Tales fans will need to pony up for shows platformed on Disney+ (and Hotstar) if they want on more than one screen. Starting June 29, the pop culture giant will offer two Disney+ packages, and those wanting more than one simultaneous screen will need to pay B2,290, according to an announcement from Disney. 
The B799 package launched two years ago will still exist as “Disney+ Hotstar Mobile” (B99/month, B799/year) featuring only one simultaneous streaming screen, no Airplay, and 720p high definition. 
The “Disney+ Hotstar Annual Premium Plan” will include four-screen streaming, 4k streaming, more streamable devices, and improved sound quality. Disney also stated that subscribers will be able to create profiles and access the service on Samsung TV.
This, however, is notably the rate for a subscription through the Disney service; those who are billed for their Disney+ through providers such as AIS will also be upgraded in the next billing cycle and will receive an SMS informing them to choose a renewal plan three days before expiration. 
“If you purchased your subscription to Disney+ Hotstar through a third party, your billing and account management will typically be done through the third party,” the announcement from the pop culture giant said.
This rate hike follows unwelcome news six days ago that Netflix would be moving to prevent users from password-sharing for free when they aren’t in the same household.