The once-frontman of Silly Fools is back in the media, and not in a good way.

Weerachon “Toe” Sattaying, the former Silly Fools frontman who quit music to embrace Islam and sell steaks, is back in the news for his comments about Buddhism during a talk show.

The comments are from the Mar 30 episode of Toe's Facebook Live talk show, Toe-Tal, and came in response to the question, "Why doesn't Islam have statues of god, as Buddists do, as objects of faith?”

“Whatever statue you build, it will never look like Allah. Allah is bigger than any human's imagination. I wouldn't worship anything on my level, or lower than me. If you push a statue, it breaks, and that makes it lower than me. It's not living."

Watch the section in full, here.

Toe's response has generated criticism online, the most extreme coming from rocker Sek Loso, who told Toe to “shut up and go sell your beef, brother, before I beat you up. Stupid fucking opinions that create conflict between religions don't have a place in this society.”

The Guitar Mag, a monthly magazine, joined the fray on Toe's side with a portrait of him on their Facebook page followed by the hashtags #Drama #DontBeTooHardOnHim. Readers were invited to join in the discussion.

Toe has has sinced apologized for his comments. He made a video statement on Apr 4 via his talk show's Facebook page.