Following renovations, the fun and innovative Museum Siam has unveiled its first new exhibition in one year and it's dedicated to showcasing lessons learned from the "Tom Yum Kung" economic crisis of 1997.
Tom Yum Kung Studies: Lessons (Un) Learned takes shelter in a new building next to the century-old main museum, and is separated into eight zones both indoors and outdoors.
Outside sees cartoons displayed from the time of the crisis and a small playground where art installations represent facts from the time, such as two seesaws reflecting the value of Thai baht before and after the crisis.
Inside is full of Thai and English infographics and installations, whether facts about debt, the luxurious lifestyle of Thai elites during the bubble or how life changed under the control of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  
The exhibition also spotlights certain innovations and ideas from the time, such as the boom of Thai movies, perd tai khai khong (open trunk) markets, talad nad khon khei roay (flea markets of formerly rich people) and pha pa chuay chart (making merit at the temple to help the country), a movement led by the late Luang Ta Mahabua Monk in Udon Thani who called on followers to help replenish the Thailand treasury reserves, successfully gathering 10 tons of gold and 10 millions dollars. 
The exhibition will run until Jul 2 with free entrance from 10am-6pm (closed every Monday).
Museum Siam, Phra Nang Klao Rd., 02-225-2777
Sathorn Unique Tower