The MRT Blue Line’s second extension running north from Tha Phra to Bang Sue will open for a public trial run next month, completing the Blue Line’s planned loop around the center of Bangkok, Bangkok Post reports. 

The 13-kilometer elevated line will cover eight stations connecting from MRT Tha Phra, where you can change to the Tao Poon-bound elevated purple line. These stations include Charan Sanit Wong 13, Yaek Fai Chai, Bang Khun Non, Bang Yi Khan, Sirindhorn, Bang Phlat, Bang Or and Bang Po. Fares will be between B16-42 per ride.

The MRTA will use a new fleet of trains—a total of 35—which will be delivered in February and March next year. 

Construction to expand the current blue line began mid-2011, with an extension from Hua Lamphong running underground west from Wat Mangkon, Sam Yot, Sanam Chai, Itsaraphap to Tha Phra was completed in late July of this year. It was shortly followed by Bang Phai and Bang Wa stations in August, before four more stations running from Phet Kasem 48 to Lak Song in Phutthamonthon Sai 4—the last station of the 14-kilometer extension line—opened in late September.