Why do you care about vintage pieces?

It’s important to know our legacy. This flea market is partly aimed at inspiring a young generation to learn about history through the story of products, and to develop an appreciation of craftsmanship. Who cares if youngsters know the history of Ayutthaya—they should get interested in the things that excite them, even if it’s the history of a brand like Levi’s.

What’s special about Made by Legacy?

I want our market to convey that Thailand has a unique way of re-appropriating items that get dispatched thousands of miles from the world’s hippest boroughs. I try to give the market Thai characteristics because that’s my heritage of which I am proud.

Do you ask your vendors to conform to a certain style?

No. I’ve never asked a shop to decorate its stall according to our concept. They can show up however they want. The shops in Made by Legacy flea market offer collectible items, disposable but not worthless. Place your grandmother’s chair from the King Rama V period in a new context and it can be loved again.

What’s the theme for this July’s market?

It’s called “Modern Market” because this time I want to send a message to Bangkokians. Some of our returning shop owners think I’m no longer doing vintage but that’s wrong. I’m just finding a new context and a new theme; something that fits a luxury mall like Central Embassy but still feels like a flea market.

What kind of fashion do you think is best for Thailand?

Our economy is in turmoil. So the kind of fashion that’s best is something you can afford. It could be anything, as long as you don’t have to binge-eat instant noodles by the end of the month or call your parents to borrow money. With a sense of style who needs expensive clothes? Empty, desolate shophouses can become cool hangout places in the hands of creative types. It’s the same for flea markets—they may become the new high-end. Who knows?
Made by Legacy at 6/F, Central Embassy, July 11-12. For more information, 093-002-9883.