Yesterday (Oct 25) before the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha gathered party representatives with Deputy Prime Minister Prawit “The Watch Guy” Wongsuwan and Minister of the Interior Anupong Paochinda for a meeting to discuss the new alcohol bill draft known as “sura khao na” (Progressive Alcohol).
The conclusion suggests Prayut doesn’t want the draft to pass because he’s worried about “health and safety” and that people might start homebrewing with no way for the authorities to control the quality, unlike all the large manufacturers who make alcohol within the current laws and can be held accountable.
On top of that, he’s also concerned about the market for alcohol, fearing it will be similar to the boom weed experienced following decriminalization and that authorities might not be able to handle an “open-market” alcohol situation.
For the upcoming readings, Prayut put his hope in and thanked the parties and parliament for looking after the people for the better, mentioning how some laws, if opened too freely, could become problematic and that there need to be some restrictions.
Back in June, the draft got through its first reading, making it one step—out of approximately 10 steps—closer to becoming a reality. The bill is set to be read again in the cabinet meeting for the second and third readings on the same day, Nov 2. Usually, one reading is done at a time, so the subsequent readings could mean they are rushing.