Hong Kong-based delivery-slash-logistics service LalaMove arrived in Bangkok back in late 2014 and was promptly used by no one. Now though, it’s teamed up with Japanese chat application Line to offer a whole new load of delivery services the likes of which sound pretty sweet. 

Line Man offers messenger services, food delivery and grocery shopping all through your regular Line app. Just choose your pick-up point (restaurant name or grocery shop), delivery point and punch in your order description for a guy trussed up in a fluro-green Line jacket to hop on his bike and get to work.

The messenger fee starts from B48 on top of a 7.2/km charge for the first 30km and B14/km for anything over 31km. Food and grocery shopping starts from a fixed rate at B55 plus B9/km for all distances.

This isn’t Line’s first move into services well beyond instant messaging and free calls. It follows other recent introductions like Line TV and news features embedded into users’ timelines.

Download the app for free on Apple Store or Google Play.