That's if you ever make it to work. 

Afraid you’ll get scolded from your boss for coming in to work late thanks to the BTS Skytrain’s signalling system malfunction? Fear not. You can reportedly now ask for a confirmation letter from the BTS to show that they’re the reason behind your tardiness.

That's according to a Facebook post by the TISCO Financial Group that's gone viral overnight. 


According to Tisco, in order to obtain the letter, you don't even need an ID card. You can just walk up to the ticket officers and ask for the letter that states “the acknowledgement of BTS malfunction.” You can even ask for a confirmation letter for your previous late days.

Several media outlets like PostToday have pounced on the news, while according to Forbes Thailand you can also request such a letter via email—simply specify the date and time to 

Throughout June, and especially since Monday, the BTS has suffered signal problems on the main Silom and Sukhumvit lines resulting in slow trains and longer stopovers at stations, much to the dismay of Bangkok commuters.