Sathorn and Charoen Nakhon are jam-packed with all the action right now, but keep an eye on Wongwian Yai. From high-rise condos to snazzy cafes and institutionalized local eateries, Wongwian Yai offers the best of urbanity without being too frenetic.


M Gray Cafe

Coffee & breakfast 

Pop in to M Gray Cafe for a sip of Thai-style iced coffee (B75) or get a much-needed morning sugar rush with a slice of classic cheesecake (B90) at Carousel Coffee. If you’re serious about your choice of caffeine, try the iced cappuccino (B100) at The Kafe’s while appreciating the white-washed decor. Local icon Siam Ratana Bakehouse is famed for sangkaya bread (B160). For something more modern, indulge in the cascara latte (B85) at Walden Home Cafe.   


Sorry I'm Hungry Burger Cafe

Jack Diamond Bistro and Bar

Lunch and dinner 

While Wongwian Yai is known for its long-standing street food scene, its restaurant lineup keeps getting better. The Clock Out flexes its muscles with must-try dishes like baked cod with lemon and capers (B360). If you can’t resist a good burger, have a big, juicy chomp of the Hungry Pirate Burger (B199) at Sorry I’m Hungry Burger Cafe. Meanwhile, Jack Diamond Bistro and Bar offers a pocket-friendly salmon steak with homemade white sauce (B250). If you’re looking for some of Bangkok’s best street food, head to Somsak Pu Ob for the steamed crab with glass noodles (B310). For super affordable fusion food, head to Eatlab and try their fettuccine with grilled chicken and green curry (B125). Hurry to Phad Thai Narok Taek for their signature pad Thai narok taek (literal translation: “pad Thai that burns like hell;” B80), as they only serve 300 portions a day.


The 14th Barrel

Three Sixty Lounge


Tucked away in a shophouse, The 14th Barrel offers local and imported craft beers like Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA (B250). For more craft beers on tap—and more canned and bottled brews, like Sri Lanka’s Lion Stout (B200)—Save Our Souls is the place to be. Fancy some old-school drinks? Head to The October and give the Singapore Sling (B180) a try, or for something more out-there, drop by Taste of Trees for a Flaming Lamborghini (B320). For those who appreciate the finer things, head to the river and visit Three Sixty Lounge for live jazz and even more cocktails, like the Testing Citrus Mojito (B450).



BTS Wongwian Yai is a short walk from all the restaurants and cafes, while MRT Itsaraphap is about a five-minute taxi ride away.  



You’ll find several high-rise condos near BTS Wongwian Yai, like NYE by Sansiri, where rent will set you back from B14,000 to B23,500/month. In a similar bracket, Ideo Sathorn-Wongwianyai provides rooms from B14,000 to B23,000/month. At The Room BTS Wongwianyai, apartments range from B18,000 to B50,000/month, while you’ll spend B12,500 to B28,000/month at Teal Sathorn-Taksin and B12,000 to B24,000/month at Ideo Bluecove Sathorn.


Lhong 1919


History buffs can spend the weekend discovering the unique Thai-Portuguese history and culture at Baan Kudichin Museum by the riverside. For something a little different, Lhong 1919 centers on a group of old warehouses and a 167-year-old Thai-Chinese shrine; it has now been developed into a hip riverside hangout housing art and craft shops and boutiques like Karmakamet, as well as event spaces, restaurants and cafes. If you like nature and exercise, Suan Pa Chalerm Prakiat Forest Park provides ample green space along with a futsal field, basketball court, playground and areas for bodybuilding and boxing.


How do you see the future of Wongwian Yai?



Nattamon Saenai, third-generation owner of Somsak Pu Ob
“In the future, Wongwian Yai will be teeming with tutoring schools, trendy shops and a public park for local residents to relax, all surrounded by legendary street food stalls that won’t break the bank.”



Jannarong Visutvarin, Co-owner of Sorry I’m Hungry Burger Cafe
“I definitely see Wongwian Yai booming, because, right now, people know more about the neighborhood through reviews on the Internet, and there’s better access from downtown because of the BTS and MRT.”



Nontawach Woramongkolchai, owner of Taste of Trees Bistro & Bar
“In the future, there’ll be more condos, cafes and restaurants catering to the younger crowd, but its laid-back vibe will remain.”