Since Grab took over Uber’s Southeast Asia operations back in 2018, the app has largely held a monopoly on Bangkok’s ride-hailing scene. Estonian app Bolt is the latest to challenge Grab’s reign, selecting Bangkok as its ASEAN launchpad following expansion throughout 25 European countries, seven African countries, Russia, Mexico and a handful of Middle Eastern countries since its inception in 2013.

For now, only ride hailing will be available in Bangkok, though internationally the app also deals in food delivery, e-scooters and electric bikes.The base rate for an economy car is B30, rising at B4/km and B1.6 per minute, which undercuts Grab’s base rate of B30 plus B9/km. Despite this, Bolt claims to charge its drivers a lower commission than its competitors. Will it fare better than Indonesia’s GET? Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments! Bolt is available for free download for iOS and Android.