Everything’s coming up Chadchart lately. After an election blowout, the new governor-elect celebrates his 55th birthday today.
Chadchart Sittipunt's victory came after nine long years since the city last chose its governor. Favored to win the race, he took the seat in a landslide, garnering in excess of 1.3 million votes, with the runner up from the Democrat Party Suchatvee Suwansawat receiving only around 250,000.
In the streets, the new governor was dogged by reporters on his 5:30am morning jog the day after the win. Online, supporters (and cynics) have been putting their support (and schadenfreude) to memes. Dubbed “The Hulk” governor, renowned for his dedication to physical fitness and who is said to jog 10 kilometers around Lumpini Park every day, Chadchart is the man of the hour. 
How long will the honeymoon last?
Thai enquirer tweet as results began rolling in of the governor-elect's victory.

Top News in agony at Chadchart's landslide, by political cartoonist Khai Maew.


"It was nothing," reads a caption in Underground Karaoke's Facebook post, showing Chadchart donning the Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel Cinematic Universe.



"In blackest night," Thai illustrator Pssyppl portrays Chadchard's rise to power with DC's Green Lantern oath. 


One Twitter user posts a picture of Chadchart slowly transforming into the Hulk. 



A cartoon showing Chadchart drawing his power from ballots to obliterate Tiananmen tanks.


Thai illustrator, known as Uninspired by Current Events, draws a bowl of salim pointing fingers at the water as a sarcastic commentary on Prayuth supporters complaining about Bangkok's problems after the landslide victory.