On March 30 “A GastroNOM and Beyond” fine dining event by Gourmet Theatre will be hosting their first project in Bangkok, uniting top chefs and mixologist’s in one place—hosted by The Food School.
The Gourmet Theatre has been around since 2020 and launched its first event in Hong Kong, but this is the first time the moveable feast will be available in Thailand.
The event is inspired by the concept “chef’s table on the move” which encourages attendees to go around different stations and taste fine dining and Michelin-starred creations. 
Each station is able to welcome 20 guests at a time, and you’ll have 30 minutes to indulge in the delights before moving on to the next pit spot. Overall, the guests will get up to 9-10 courses, including premium sake and cocktails.
At the event you’ll meet the chefs from Samuay & Sons, Blackkitch Artisan Kitchen, I KAEN, Whey, Baan Tepa, Logy, Little Bao, Den Kushi Flori, Akame, Err Urban Rustic Thai. And special drinks from CMYK, Bar Us, and Elliot Faber.
Taking place from 7-10:30pm at B9,899 per person, tickets can be found on the Food School website.