Grab’s getting some ride-hailing competition.

Indonesia’s popular ride-hailing app Go-Jek will launch in Bangkok in the coming months under the name Get (stylized as GET!).

Launched in 2010 with a fleet of 20 motorcyclists, Go-Jek now offers bike and car transportation, delivery and various other on-demand services in over 50 cities all over Indonesia.

Go-Jek’s management announced recently it will invest US$500 million in expanding its services to Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand.

Developed in conjunction with a Thai management team, GET will initially launch with with ride-hailing and services before adding food delivery and payment services. 

In Vietnam, Go-Jek will launch as Go-Viet with beta testing reportedly launching in July.

With Uber gone and the BTS faltering, we welcome any challengers to Grab's ride-hailing throne.