As the world edges closer to a post-pandemic reality, Fashion Revolution Thailand wants you to recenter your focus on the big issues that lie ahead in the fashion world.
With Hear the Unheard, hosted at BACC from Apr 20-May 2, the eco-conscious group is highlighting what gets overlooked behind the scenes in the fashion industry, urging consumers and creators to work together to find solutions to existing problems. 
The event promises (real-life) Clubhouse-style sessions on Apr 24-25, titled “Hear the Unheard” and “Fashion and Self-Esteem.” Designed to put speakers and listeners on a level plane, allowing for all voices to be considered equally, the sessions will tackle topics like self-esteem, the future ethics of fashion, and what really goes on behind the production of all the clothes you wear. 
There will also be a clothes swap on Apr 24-25 (4/F BACC, studio room), as well as an exhibition throughout the event (3/F BACC).
Apr 20-May 2 (Tue-Sun only), 3-4/F BACC, 939 Rama I Rd.