What: Geared towards the gay community, this is the ultimate hook-up app. You can even pick your sex position preference, body type and relationship status. 
Who: People who don’t shy away from a sexy photo—this is one of the more shallow apps on the market (think labels like twink, trans, daddy and jock, to name a few).
Our Rating: 2


What: This app puts the power in the girls’ hands—once a hetrosexual pair matches, the female of the species must spark up a conversion within 24 hours or forever hold their peace.
Who: Foreigners dominate this app in Bangkok, though you can always add filters: preferred height, zodiac sign, social habits, political leanings, what you want from your date, you name it.
Our Rating: 3


What: This app is aimed towards lesbian, bisexual, bicurious and queer women. Add your name, height, age and sexuality, if you want—leaving pictures to say a thousand words.
Who: Locals overpower the amount of foreigners on this dating app, and way to keep it modest!
Our Rating: 3


What: Finally, an app for actual relationships—well, kind of. It allows users to answer 15 questions to better match with like-minded dates.
Who: While OKCupid is stereotypically a dating app for those aged 35 and up, a younger crowd has been seeping in. We found that about 75 percent of the profiles in Bangkok are foreigners.
Our Rating: 4


What: The world’s go-to dating app lets you swipe left for 'no' or right for 'yes' on user profiles. If you match, you can chat.
Who: Everybody and their dog. We found that foreigners tend to air their intentions in their bio—be it a hookup, relationship, casual sex or friendship—while Bangkokians err on the bashful side.
Our Rating: 4