Do you hate the funny-smelling helmet your win motosai offers you? Do you also regularly forget to bring a shopping bag when you go to the supermarket? Capbage, the ingenious head protector that doubles as a shopping bag, might be just what you need. 
Made from lightweight and waterproof nylon, Capbage is essentially multifunctional headwear—put it on beneath that dirty helmet or when it’s raining if you’re stuck outside without an umbrella, or convert it into a tote when your 7-Eleven run becomes a bigger affair than you expected. 
Capbage is available for order on Instagram and Facebook as single-sided (B289) and double-sided (B499) options, with the latter providing a built-in mask and an extra protective layer. Available colors include beige, olive, maroon (all single-sided), and black and yellow (double-sided).
All images courtesy of Capbage.