Thanks to spacious, interconnecting parks and tree-lined pathways, Chatuchak lets you and your imagination run wild.

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Chatuchak is one of the very few districts in Bangkok with parks big enough to satisfy marathon runners’ training needs. It’s even the destination of choice for many of the city’s top running events, including TMB's Park Run, the TBCA Mini Marathon and RMHC Kids' Mini Marathon.
For this very reason, the area has become a hot-spot for those who like to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. “Training in a small park leaves you no choice but to face the same view over and over again, which makes it boring,” says Wanwasa Kaewchompoo, a full-time banker and avid runner who often trains in the Chatuchak neighborhood. “That’s why the 2.5km lap of Chatuchak Park is just right.”

Wanwasa normally comes to train at Chatuchak Park after work, sometimes with a couple of friends, sometimes just by herself. But, in spite of coming at quite late hours, “I totally feel safe running here,” she says. “The guards do their job really well and are always around. Even after dark in Bangkok, I don’t have to feel at all worried.”
Thanks to excellent transport links, with both BTS and MRT lines as well as a big car park right by the BTS station, the area is not just easy to access, but within convenient reach of other areas for a nutritious post-workout meal. “You can easily head over to Ladprao or back to Ari for a nice place to eat after training,” says Wanwasa.
Fellow runner and triathlon athlete Suparaporn Asawathipaibul, agrees. “I go straight to Or Tor Kor Market where there’s so much healthy and yummy food to choose from,” she says.
Suparaporn also chooses to train in the Chatuchak district. Though there are other parks in Bangkok, her reasons for favoring Chatuchak are simple: “As both Rodfai Park and Chatuchak Park are connected, it just simply feels great to continuously run such a big lap. It’s leafy. It’s huge. What else could a runner ask for?"

Healthy JJ

Running not your thing? There are plenty more healthy activities on offer in the area.
Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives (aka Suan Mokkh) is in collaboration with Thai Yoga Institute (Folk Doctor Foundation) to organize free yoga lessons. Classes are held in Suan Mokkh, which is located at the entrance of Rodfai Park, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 5-6:30pm and the fourth Saturday of each month from 10am-noon. Yoga mats are provided. For more information, contact 02-732-2016-17.

Vachirabenjatas Sport Centre
Here, you’ll find plenty of activities on offer. With an annual fee of only B40, you can gain access to the sport center’s full facilities, including swimming pool, outdoor courts for football, basketball, petanque and more. Registration hours are 10am-4pm. Bring a copy of your ID card and a medical certificate. For more information, contact 02-272-4844. You can use most of the facilities for free but there are some exceptions.
B15 per 1:30hr. Open Tue-Sun 9am-8pm.
B35 per hour. Court reservation can be made from 10am daily.
Free of charge. Open Tue-Sun 9am-8pm.
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