Phum Viphurit’s new track, “Lover Boy,” has a music video to match its tender, funky sound.

Khamkwan Duangmanee, the music video’s director, has set the Rats Records-produced track to a backdrop of sultry Pattaya, but not as we know it.

Phum takes us on a walk through a Pattaya that’s all golden hour and fairy lights, a romantic vision suited to the narrative of a young man pursuing a young woman (in an admittedly mildly predatory way). This man’s journey “wandering the streets all through the night, searching for the one to make me right” is made more romantic here with Phum’s bluesy, crooner voice and guitar serenade.

The video’s already found internet fame, especially among industry insiders like Note Pongsuang, founder of Dudesweet.