Just when you'd made a resolution to delete the Facebook app, put your phone down and start connecting—shock-horror—face-to-face... 2018 brought fireflies and beaches to Bangkok, alternatives to Jay Fai and dinner parties suspended in mid-air, with videos to prove it. How could you resist? Save the resolution for 2019, we're sure next year will be far less exciting, really. Until then, here are BK Magazine's most watched Facebook videos of 2018. 

10. Watch Fireflies in the Heart of Bangkok (watch on Youtube)



9.  Khlong Toey Rapper (watch on Youtube)



8.  Escape Bangkok (watch on Youtube)



7.  Bangkok welcomes the world’s first Totoro-themed restaurant (watch on Youtube)



6.  Bangkok's Axe-Throwing Bar (watch on Youtube)



5.  All about Avocado (watch on Youtube)




4.  Black Soy Sauce Soft Serve (watch on Youtube)



3.  Reuse Bottles at this Product Refill Station (watch on Youtube)



2.  An Alternative to Jay Fai (watch on Youtube)



1.  Have Dinner 50 meters above Bangkok (watch on Youtube)