Uncensored cinema, art and thought. 

Cinema Oasis, an independent movie theater founded by Ing Kanjanavanit, director of the banned movie Shakespeare Must Die, and Manit Sriwanichpoom, the movie’s producer and the owner of Kathmandu Gallery, is set to open its doors on Mar 17.

Six movies are on the lineup for the opening weekend (Mar 17-18). Each screening will be followed by panel discussions with the respective directors.

The screenings start at 11am with Tongpan (Thailand), a 16mm, black-and-white documentary-slash-drama from 1976 about the Pa-Mong Dam on the Mekong river. Another screening to look out for is The Forest by Paul Squrrier, the owner of Phrom Phong’s independent Friease-Greene Club. Squrrier's film, which follows a bullied schoolgirl who finds comfort in a mysterious boy from the forest, subverts Thai gory ghost tropes with a blend of drama, horror and fantasy. It also won an award for promoting Asian cinema at South Korea’s Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Cinema Oasis will be dedicated to independent cinema, art and thought. Come on Mar 24 for the opening party of the upstairs gallery, which will showcase Piyatat Hematat’s sculpture exhibition, Eden.

Tickets are still TBA. For a full movie screening schedule or advance booking, please visit www.fb.com/cinemaoasis.bk. Read our recent interview with Ing and Manit here

Sukhumvit Soi 43, 097-929-5366