Throughout this pandemic, our newsfeeds have been flooded with individuals and corporations rising up to help those in need and fund the fight against Covid-19. Among some of the most heartwarming efforts we've seen is that of this dedicated Lady Gaga superfan and impersonator from Thailand. 

Her Facebook page, Shade of Gaga, has been around for almost a decade but she's recently grabbed the spotlight for her Bangkok rendition of Lady Gaga's latest single, "Stupid Love"—a song that was originally set to be released by the American pop star on Apr 10 as part of her sixth studio album, but was delayed due to the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus.

Following in the steps of her idol, who hosted the huge streamed charity concert One World: Together At Home last Saturday, the owner of Shade of Gaga used her talents to raise money to beat Covid-19. For every time her cover video was shared on social media, she personally donated B5 to the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute. She has now reached her limit and the fundraising is closed.

This isn't the impersonator's first rodeo; back in 2012, she broke the internet when she went up on stage during Lady Gaga's Bangkok concert and gave the singer a chada (traditional Thai headdress).

Watch the video for “Stupid Love Bangkok Version (รักนะ… กรุงเทพ)” here: