This city loves to mash buttons, and now the games will be coming to you. 
Still in the works, Bangkok Gaming Truck plans to be at the upcoming Ploenchit Fair on November 25th, one of the first outings for this roving gamer hub—complete with seven internal screens, PS5s, a PS4, Nintendo Switches, XBox X, and an Oculus for you VR fans out there. 
“Initially, we intended to only use it as a gaming truck for children's parties,” says owner David Oxland who started the project with his wife Angela and partner Virachai Boontaveekit. “But are also thinking of locations such as bars, football stadiums, et cetera. We are due to be at the Ploenchit Fair on November 25th running gaming competitions, so we hope to do this in other prominent locations too in the future.
This will be the first truck of its kind in Thailand—a model that has proven successful in other countries and at festival settings. This is an especially welcome addition in Bangkok as the truck will feature air con. The Bangkok Gaming Truck will also have an onsite games coordinator to make sure everything runs smoothly.
The truck owners have also been in contact with developers such as Sony to perhaps help launch and market new games. 
Given the truck is set up with a large outside screen for spectators, visitors can expect some mad game battles in front of crowds as well as future gaming competitions. 
The British Community in Thailand Foundation for the Needy (BCTFN) will hold the Ploenchit Fair on November 25 at Patana School.