Fit Food Always

The former demi chef at Nahm and W Bangkok, Apinun Sawetwannakun, now runs his own health food delivery business. He calls it “healthy food” rather than “diet food,” utilizing nutritious ingredients like quinoa, job’s tears, chickpeas, edamame and goji berries. A course of three meals a day for five days costs B3,500 and features dishes like inari quinoa sushi (bean curd pocket filled with quinoa served with multi-grain salad), spaghetti konjac minced pork with toban-jan sauce” and Korean stir-fried tofu and pork with Riceberry rice. Delivery is paid on top depending on distance, with a minimum charge of B100 for the full course. Meals delivered daily. 
Instagram: fitfoodalways. LINE: Fitfoodalways. 086-359-3795.


Cleansheet offers Thai dishes of around 350 calories per serving for both vegetarians and meat-eaters. Dishes like kua kling (Southern dried curry) and laab (herbed minced meat salad)are made using either tofu or lean chicken, with prices per box set (including rice and veg) starting from B70. Delivery charge starts at B100 with no minimum order. 
Instagram: cleansheetbkk. LINE: cleansheetthailand. 091-961-6496.

Pin Toh Por (Dad’s Tiffin)

These Southern Thai food specialists have gathered quite a word-of-mouth following thanks to their signature well-balanced curry paste adjusted from a family recipe for minimal calories. Yellow curry paste (kua kling) with either pork or chicken starts at B45 per 100 grams, while a ready-to-eat lunch set (with rice) starts from B40. À la carte dishes are also available, like gaeng lueng (yellow curry with seabass, B350) nad gai tom ka-min (boiled chicken with turmeric, B200). Delivery in Bangkok is free to locations on the BTS route and starts from B40 for other areas. They deliver nationwide for minimum orders of B1,000. 
Instagram: boosterfit. LINE: plaiphoncj. 082-955-5277

Fit Meal

Popular among Instagram muscle men, Fit Meal is all about calorie counting. On any given day they’ll send less than 1,200 calories for women (B1,859 per week) and 1,500-2,000 calories for men (B2,279 per week). It’s owned by the very health-conscious Nithi Phrommahit, who cooks up dishes like gaeng liang (herbal soup with vegetables and fish) and spaghetti konjac with chicken sauce. Delivery starts from B80. 
LINE: fitmeal. 085-409-0099.

Paleo Robbie

Paleo Robbie really kicked off the concept of the paleo diet in Bangkok. Everything he serves is organic, with no farmed fish and no preservatives, mimicking the diets of our caveman ancestors. But check out the list of dishes and you’ll quickly realize it isn’t at all stone-age fare: beef stroganoff, lamb shank and potato mash, and Norwegian mackerel with grilled squash and vegetable. Subscribe and you’ll receive news about the special monthly ingredients, which means certain dishes at cheaper prices. One meal is B299 (plus B50 for delivery to Sukhumvit and Siam) and you must order at least 20 meals per month. 

Absolute Fit Food

The team behind Absolute Yoga offers delivery plans from B1,500 a day to B36,000 a month. Hefty, yes, but it guarantees you only the most natural dishes: no chemicals, processing, refining or artificial preservatives. Dishes include breakfast BLT burrito and salsa with flax crackers. They also offer a range of programs, from those for people who want to lose weight to ones tailored to prenatal and postnatal moms. Free delivery if you live in the inner city. 

Fox Box  

Fox Box delivers meals that are not only healthy but also pretty good value for money. Five days of the Vegan Box gets you breakfast, lunch and dinner for B1,180—but beware that it includes under 800 calories per day. We tried the pancake with bananas and chocolate chips, followed by spaghetti with green curry for lunch and a salad with seaweed for dinner. It’s good but leaves you hungry. Upgrade to the Everyday Box (B1,579 for five days) to receive five small meals totaling 800-1,300 calories per day. The delivery charge is also quite steep at B100/day.


Apparently the heat generated by your regular juicer is killing the goodness in your morning smoothie. What you need to be drinking is cold pressed juice, which claims up to five times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. These companies will do the work for you.

Daily Cold Pressed

Daily Cold Pressed offer 10 different flavors. We liked the Beat and Burn (beet, red apple, lime and ginger), said to enhance muscle strength, as well as the Almond Latte (raw almond, dates, cinnamon and vanilla beans), which they say can give you flawless skin. For full effects, try the Balance program: six 500ml bottles for B1,200 (excluding delivery). Replace your morning breakfast with two bottles of juice for three days.
Instagram: dailycoldpressed. 089-141-9898.

Me Juice

Try the I’m Green No.1 (green apple, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon, romaine lettuce, parsley and spirulina, B120 for 300ml), which they say is great for digestion and boosting energy levels, or the I’m Green No.3 (pineapple, cucumber, ginger, celery, parsley and spinach, B120 for 300ml), designed to provide stress relief and a better night’s sleep.
091-414-5069, 081-496-6663.

Tspoon Homemade

The one-day trial of this liquid diet costs B1,540 and includes six 450ml bottles, to be drunk at two-hour intervals. They also sell individual drinks in seven different flavors for B220 (500ml). Try the Ironman (spinach, celery, cucumber, pineapple and apple), Detoxifier (carrot, apple, pineapple and ginger) and Master Cleanse (lemon, cayenne, maple syrup and alkaline water). 
Instagram: tspoon_homemade. 089-011-6363, 091-954-6224.


Not looking for a full diet program? Try these healthy light bites and organic produce delivery services. 

Diamond Grains

Sugar-free, refined-flour-free and chemical-free breakfast cereals available in eight flavors: Bana Nana, Double Chocolate, Hearty Nutty, Matcha Green Tea, Tropical Rich, Summer Berry, Coffee Forever and No Nut No Sugar. Six cups for B150; 12 cups B280. 
Instagram: diamondgrains. 085-131-0888 

CSA Munching Box by Raitong Organics Farm 

Seasonal organic produce delivered to your home from a cross-country network of farmers. The Original Munching Box includes 4kg of seasonal organic fruits and veggies at B700 per box or B2,580 for four boxes. Shipping from B60. 

Innocent Cow

Healthy, Greek-style yogurt made from Thai ingredients with  no thickening agents, preservatives or artificial flavors. The plain yogurt (B50/120g, B100/250g) contains no fat or sugar, while the Vanilla Bean flavor (B50/120g) is made with real vanilla. New flavors include strawberry and latte. Delivery charge starts at B50. 
Instagram: innocentcow. 089-895-6789


What do the experts think about health food delivery programs?
Thidakarn Rujipattanakul
Doctor at American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine
“You can’t use pricey delivery services forever. Instead, learn what foods are good for your body and add them to your daily life for a sustained diet.”
Pasit Kanasirichainon
What Did She Eat facebook page admin and Dietitian 
“So-called ‘clean’ food delivery might be convenient for those who can afford it, but that’s not everyone. I’d encourage people to adjust Thai dishes to be healthier by reducing the amount of sodium—less fish sauce!” 
Panuwat rongbundit
American Councils on Exercise Certified Trainer at  Cascade Club @ Ascott Sathorn 
“Clean food delivery is good for people who don’t have the time to monitor everything they eat. This trend helps people to eat more healthily without having to pay attention to what is and isn’t nutritious.”