1. When they turned up fresh off the plane dressed like this.


2. When something so funny happened in a tuk-tuk that this guy totally lost his shit.


3. When they bossed it round the Old Town on these tiny bikes.


4. When they completely owned everything on the side of a cliff.


5. When one of them bowed to an elephant while smoking a pipe.


6. And then sat on top of the elephant and carried on smoking his pipe and struck this pose at the same time.


7. When they gave no fucks in a 4x4 in the jungle.


8. When they proved river rafting is sexier than sex.


9. When they smoked some more and played chess and for the first time of their entire trip did not throw their heads back in laughter.


If you haven't already seen it, here's the full video in all it's WTF glory:


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