Situated right next to RCA, the lifestyle complex offers a rare mix of shows, dining and shopping.

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1. The Himmapan 360-degree spectacular

This 360-degree stage performance takes inspiration from the legendary Himmapan forest in Hindu mythology. Created by CMO Show Corp, the joint venture of CMO Public Company Ltd. and SHOW DC Corp, the “All-Dimensional Fantasy Live Show” of Himmapan Avatar breaks new ground for theaters in Thailand with a spectacle that can be enjoyed from a 360-degree theater. Tickets cost B1,400, B1,700 and B2,000.
For reservations and special promotions, visit or call 02-111-5005, 096-919-5005. Tickets can also be booked through

2. The famous Thai martial art movie Ong Bak is also a live show on stage

The team behind the well-known Thai blockbuster Ong Bak has transformed the movie into a live action show combining martial arts and choreography together. During the show, you will get to experience brutal live action from the movie, shown on the stage with backdrops of different scenarios from the movie itself which will bring you in even closer to the storyline. Tickets cost B1,500, B2,000 and B2,500.
For reservations and special promotions, please visit or call 02-111-5005, 096-919-5005. Tickets can also be booked through

3. The discounted luxe fashion brands

Not only does the shopping area offer plenty of the biggest brands from Bangkok shopping malls like H&M or Uniqlo, but it also offers the Korean tax-free store, Lotte Duty Free. Taking up the majority of the space in the shopping area, it offers some of the most luxurious brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes.
Psy Ramen

4. Korean food restaurants backed by K-Pop stars

SHOW DC is a Korean stars-focused entertainment complex where you can both see exhibitions all about the stars as well as eat their food. Some Korean stars have opened up their own restaurants and SHOW DC has got them. Psy—famous for his "Gangnam Style" song—has his own Korean restaurant called Psy Ramen; Rain—the Korean pop singer turned actor—is also a proud owner of After The Rain.

5. The "Bangkok Tourist Lounge"

This lounge can handle up to 400 people at a time. It offers a library, a bunch of relaxing spaces where you can get your phone charged for free, as well as shower rooms. It's the perfect space for customers to take a quick break and relax before they continue with more shopping.

6. The "Thai Thai Market"

This is a one-stop destination where you will find so much more than just souvenirs and regular Thai food. This market features fresh fruits, sweets and groceries for you to bring home and create your own Thai dishes. On the souvenirs side, you get handicraft stuff like Thai silk or other artisanal pieces. Not only do these products make great gifts, with every purchase you make on these items, you also get to support the local communities across Thailand.
Jaturatid Rd., 02-203-1888.
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