Community engagement is vital for Bangkok’s growth as a sustainable city, and there are a few Bangkok businesses leading this charge. If you want to engage with this city’s sustainability community, these events and initiatives are a great place to start. 

Uncle Ree’s Farm

Situated on Petchkasem 46 junction 11, this organic farm by Charee "Ree" Boonvinij dedicates itself to engaging local community members and teaching them about organic farming practices. If you’re super keen, try getting your hands dirty at one of the company’s regular urban farming workshops. 
How can you participate?
Signing up for a workshop at Uncle Ree’s Farm is as simple as visiting the website 
and taking a look through the calendar page. The folks behind Ree’s Farm are also responsible for the group Thailand Young Farmer, an online community for people to exchange ideas and educate one another on urban farming practices. Through both of these initiatives, Ree’s Farm teaches local farmers how to support themselves through sustainable means and make Thailand a more eco-friendly place in the process. 

Thai Harvest|SOS

With support from the Australia-based organization OzHarvest, ThaiHarvest|SOS is helping to reduce edible food waste across Bangkok. The foundation collects surplus food from restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and events before these places throw it in the trash for good. Then, after cleaning, the food is donated to those in need. 
How can you participate?
ThaiHarvest|SOS has two fridges at The Commons and River City Mall where people can drop off their excess food. If that’s not possible, the company will actually pick up food from houses and event venues directly. Call 096-808-8008 or email

Root Garden-Open Space

With the goal of increasing quality of living across Thailand, Root Garden offers a variety of workshops to support organic farmers, product manufacturers and distributors in their sustainable endeavors. Recently, the company expanded to include an online community (found at
How can you participate?
Visit the Root Garden Facebook page and check out their regular activities focusing on economic sufficiency and organic farming. 

The importance of local sourcing

Supporting local communities

Buying products from local suppliers helps to improve the local communities we call home. It creates job opportunities and encourages the growth of government initiatives like the OTOP project—a local entrepreneurship stimulus program that helps spread locally-made Thai products across the globe. 
Fostering sustainability
The stronger Thailand’s local communities are the more effective they will be at confronting the issues facing the nation’s larger population and environment. Therefore, purchasing locally sourced products helps to accelerate the country’s journey to a sustainable future. 
Growing local economies
Putting money in the hands of local suppliers helps small companies grow and supporters become involved in eco-friendly practices like recycling and reuse. Stronger local economies are also able to invest more time and energy into their sustainable events—such as local farmers' markets—that can grow the community further. 

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