In the past 20 years, we've gotten dumped roughly 43,289,038,294,302,843 times. Maybe you have, too. From a 7/11 on Orchard when we were kids to the HDB benches when were teens to the office building parking lot when we were really much too old for this nonsense, we're reliving all the best places the deed was done.

credit: Qi Wei Fong

1. Playground
You know it's bad news when your squeeze suddenly wants to have a heart-to-heart on the HDB playground swings at night.

2. In the car
Nothing like getting dumped in a car and storming off in the middle of traffic at a red light.

3. School staircase
Of course your high school sweetheart had to dump you at your very first make-out spot.

4. Outside Zouk
It's a Singaporean rite of passage to get dumped there. How else to explain all the drunk crying girls on the sidewalk?

 credit: Simone Brunozzi

5. The old Kinokuniya at Orchard
Luckily, the old design and architecture books section was great for hiding out until we could face civilization again.

6. Taxi stand
If you were lucky, taxi uncle knew what was up and left you well alone.

7. Cathay Cineleisure
Things just didn't feel right when you watched that movie together. Sure enough, you got dumped at the underage smoking area outside.

8. *SCAPE Park
You were left stranded with a half-finished Big Gulp and a broken heart.

 credit: Karl Baron

9. On the bus
You knew it. It was going to be the last time you took the bus home together.

10. Neil Road
Many a couple's journey come to an end in the space between Taboo and Tantric. (Good thing DYMK is just down the road.)

11. Clarke Quay
So you caught them dirty dancing with someone else at Attica. At least you're not the only hot mess around here.

12. Club Street
They just wanted to get it on with some sweaty finance bro or drunk blonde in a spandex body sleeve. Well, good riddance.

 credit: Jonathan Lin

13. IKEA 
A popular place for couple fights. Some end quite badly.

14. HDB registration office
The Singaporean equivalent of the wedding altar, this is where even the most steadfast of lovers get serious cold feet.

15. Void deck
"Hey, can we talk? I wait at your house downstairs."

16. Office building
"Hey, can we talk? I wait at your office downstairs."

 credit: tee_eric

17. Park connector
For some reason our exes thought it was OK to dump us at the nearby fitness corner or jogging track.

18. MRT station
Efficiency is after all a point of national pride.

19. 24-hour McDonalds
Here's where you talked and wept until 5am over a mountain of french fries that you've completely lost your appetite for.

20. Whatsapp
And then you spend weeks and weeks looking at their "last seen" status.