In Kanchanaburi, a man drowns after jumping off a bridge for a dare. During a company trip to the River Kwai a 30-year old man is dared to jump off the famous bridge. The man who, had been drinking, suddenly leaps off the bridge and plunges into the river. When he fails to resurface a rescue team is called, who eventually discover the victim’s drowned body.

In Kalasin, a man dies after eating a cobra. The 27-year old is riding home from work when he spots a cobra in the middle of the road. Thinking it’s dead he grabs it but it bites him on the right hand. He kills it to make it let go and then decides to take it home and eat it. The next morning he feels his chest tighten, before passing out. He is rushed to hospital but dies of heart failure caused from consuming the snake venom.

In Ratchaburi, a women is electrocuted while rubber necking a crash scene. A car crashes into an electricity pole, uprooting the pole and plunging the nearby village into darkness. A 26-year old women is one of the villagers who flocks to the scene. She accidentally steps on a live cable, which broke free during the collision, and is killed instantly by the high voltage.

In Petchburi, A man chokes to death while competing in a pad thai eating contest. The 66-year old man enters the competition at a local fair. As he is finishing his second serving he starts to choke and then falls unconscious. He is rushed to hospital but doctors are unable to revive him. The victims daughter says she is not even sure why her father entered the competition in the first place because he didn’t even like noodles.


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