Title: “Kae Klang Tang [Half Way]”

Artist: Alone Tournament

Label: Independent

Alone Tournament is the side project of Aimcharoen “Aim” Rojthaworn, guitarist of the Indian-inspired instrumental band Yaan, who also enlisted the help of Chladni Chandi (and Yaan) frontman Yong. The duo kicked off their first performance at Goodcat’s Beatles night back in August, but only released this, their first single, in December. Here, sweet steel slide guitar is interwoven with Yong’s violin, while marching drums add some life to the overall dreaminess as Aim’s smooth vocals float above it all. Need more reason to be excited? The single was mixed by Off Anucha of Dot, so we’re hoping there’s more to come from that long-absent band.

Title: “4.58 AM”

Artist: White Light

Label: Independent

Fresh from Fat Radio’s Bedroom Studio program comes this very lowtempo ambient number. We don’t know too much about the band, but from what we can glean the song title refers to being awoken by an alarm at some ungodly hour and struggling to differentiate between dreams and reality. Here, the mellow piano and echo-ey vocals combined with the tick-tock of a clock throughout make for a truly soporific listening experience—and we mean that as a compliment.

Title: “Oh”

Artist: Seal Pillow

Label: Parinam Music

Parinam Music’s vintage pop band makes a brief return with this two-minute single, featuring lyrics supposedly composed to help someone recover from sadness. If you’ve heard one Seal Pillow song, you know what you’re in for here. Catchy and oh-so-pretty, the short running time works in its favor: a snappy ditty that doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Title: “Por Loey Por Kod Pause Kon Loey”

Artist: Nipat Newwave

Label: Independent

Of the many songs in Mary Retweeted, an interactive tie-in with the film Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy, this simple folk tune from Nipat really caught our ear. “Por Loey Por Kod Pause Kon Loey” means “let’s press the pause button for now,” an original tweet by Mary Malony, which Nawapol interpreted in the film. Using this sentence as the main hook, added lyrics support the theme by tossing up catchy-cries about capturing the moment. The meaningful lyrics are given an even more feel-good tone thanks to some lively acoustic guitar.


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