The vivacious former face of Zouk currently heads mammoth fashion trade show Blueprint and runs her own creative agency Present Purpose. She talks to Terry Ong about life in the fast lane.

I don’t do routine very well. I prefer going with the flow and seeing what each day has in store.

I’m influenced by Eastern philosophy, social dynamics, my environment and energy.

What drives me? Dark chocolates.

My childhood was spent in Perth. I spent a lot of time riding around on my bike, tassles blowing in the wind, playing in friend’s treehouses till just before dark when I’d make the mad cycle home.

It was a severe contrast when I moved back to Singapore at 12. My dad and stepmother were strict so my freedom was curtailed. My outlet was joining the school athletics team because it was the only extra-curricular activity where we had to train three days a week, a way to spend less time at home.

I was an only child so I spent a lot of time on my own. I’d entertain myself by reading and writing stories or by singing and dancing along to musicals on TV.

My secondary school classmate remembers me saying that I wanted to run a club when I grew up.

I guess my love for music started early and always being roped in to organize and choreograph the performances for teachers day and other school productions fanned my passion for organization and bringing people together.

Friends have always been an important part of my life. I think I’m a good judge of character so once a friend, always a friend.

I’m a pretty positive person, combined with a practical nature, it takes a lot to get me down.

Positivity in the face of adversity; people who make the hard choices to do the right thing, spontaneous creativity and living in the moment inspire me most.

I keep an open mind and can usually see many sides to an argument. I don’t think one should ever be too rigid in their thoughts, it’s divisive and doesn’t allow for growth or understanding.

I air on the side of kindness, self awareness, compassion and the philosophies that imbue that.

I laugh easily and frequently so it might appear that I’m easily tickled. I think it’s just the way my mind works; I can see the humor, even in sometimes dark situations. I pick dry over slapstick, Brit over American humor.

I collect kewpie dolls and oddballs—yes, even human ones.

In terms of men, I usually go for the goofy and funny ones. Drive, intelligence, goofiness, honesty and effective communication turn me on.

I try to do a retreat or two annually to somewhere peaceful to slow down. I practice mindfulness meditation daily and make an effort to spend time in nature to boost up on negative ions and slow down the brainwaves. Exercise is a new method as well, jogging with the Purple Lights crew on Wednesdays and kickboxing at Rough gym.

For love or money? For love, without a doubt, it truly makes the world the world go round and is only the better for it.


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