Thitiwat Thiankasem, 23, personal tutor
“I want to ask Michael Jackson why he had to go so fast. He still had a lot to do, so why rush?”

Andy Thompson, 29, service manager
“Jimi Hendrix and ask him for some tips on playing the guitar and teach me if he has time.”

Piyanit Watjanarat, 27, course consultant
“William Shakespeare. I want to ask why did he have to write something so difficult. It’s so hard to translate!”

Chomponuch Jongsomjit, 27, service officer
“I want to talk to Mitr Chaibancha. I want to know why he didn’t use a stuntman and acted by himself on the day he died at the movie set. I want to ask for the cause of the accident too.”

Chatchawal Chantarasa, 32, engineer
“I want to ask Elvis Presley if he is still playing music up there because his music is still popular on earth.”

Lanu Srichainat, 32, programmer
“I would talk to my relatives who passed away and ask them how they are doing.”


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